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And we'll make it EASY for you! 

New Clients 

Millard Rosenberg NYP represents companies that qualify as national or regional accounts. To qualify, a client must meet all of the following requirements: 

         Advertise in 20 or more yellow pages directories  

         Advertise in 3 or more states  

         Advertise with 2 or more yellow pages publishers  

         Spend at least 30% of your advertising dollars outside of your primary state  

If you believe you qualify, contact us and we'll show you how we make it EASY to save time and money on your yellow page advertising. 


Types of Businesses & Industries 

In over 60 years as a Certified Marketing Representative for yellow pages advertising, we've represented an enormous variety of companies and industries:    

         Hospitals / physicians and surgeons / medical clinics 

         Banks / mortgage companies / insurance companies 

         Department stores / office equipment suppliers / retail chains 

         Automotive service center chains / dealerships / glass companies 

         Travel agencies / motels / golf courses 

         Moving & storage facilities 

         National franchises 

……….and many more.  We'll work with you, whatever your industry, to develop the best yellow pages advertising strategy for your business; it'll be EASY!  


Current Clients 

Our clients tell you, in their own words, how MRNYP's service - and attention to detail - have simplified their yellow page advertising planning, placement, and management; we've made it EASY: 

  • Johnstown, PA:  "Working with Millard Rosenberg has taken all of the frustration out of directory advertising.  Dealing directly with the publisher was a nightmare.  I had many different reps to deal with.  With Millard, I have one rep that takes care of all of my directories; she is a pleasure to work with…………..I don't even have to keep track of deadlines, they do it for you!"
  • Waterloo, IA:  "……I found I would be in charge of….managing more than ten phone book directories, a huge challenge……when you have more than 300 physicians coming and going……Millard Rosenberg NYP, Inc. did an amazing job of helping me through the process.  (My) account rep….has been by my side every step of the way to make sure I meet my deadlines without feeling the pressure of getting it done right now.  They do an amazing job of making you feel extremely at ease when the task appears to be way over your head.  Thank you!"
  • Olympia, WA:  "The service I receive is so efficient and timely - I can't tell you how many times you've caught things that I have overlooked……I also appreciate the knowledge you have regarding questions on placements and the "rules of the road" when it comes to listings…..I also appreciate your excellent billing department!"
  • Los Alamos, NM:  "Your staff has always shown us the utmost in both friendly service and professional competence. They are accommodating and have dealt with deadline situations for us that were probably beyond the call of duty."
  • Litchfield, IL:  "Talk about being productive... Millard sends you your previous ads (on schedule) and lets you approve or make changes on the ads - no questions asked - no salesperson waiting in the lobby (without an appointment!) telling you to "go a size larger"... "or how about color?" With Millard Rosenberg I simply approve (or make changes) on the ads and return them. They do all the production and placing of the ads in each phone book."
  • Iowa City, IA:  "I honestly don't know how I would handle our telephone directory listings without the help of your company.  We offer services at more than a dozen locations and appear in almost twenty directories, and MRNYP makes it all manageable.  When I started working with (our) directory advertising, I knew nothing at all about these matters, but your staff has tutored me over the years……I also appreciate the timely, organized, consistent way you have of handling all the paperwork; it keeps me on schedule and gives me a lot of confidence."


To contact us today, please call (714) 744-4878.  Thank you! 


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