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And we'll make it EASY for you! 

Our Service Philosophy 

The service you want from your yellow pages agency is different from what every other client wants.  Our philosophy is simple:  we'll work with you in the way that you work best.  We'll provide the services you need, but won't waste your time with things you already know, or with details you don't want to master.  At MRNYP our focus is to listen to your needs, find out how you like to work, and then tailor our service to work best for you. 


Planning your print & internet yellow pages strategy can be complex, and getting it right is extremely important.*  We're aware of how time-consuming and frustrating YP placement can be, so our mission is to make yellow pages advertising EASY for you.  If you know a lot about yellow pages advertising, our staff will simplify your work.  If you know nothing about YP, we can become your company's yellow pages department, handling everything from strategy through placement, artwork, and accounting.  For instance: 

  • You have an overall advertising budget for your company but can't decide how much of it you should spend on an effective YP campaign.

       We'll bring you research so you can analyze the data, or we can simply give you a recommendation after we've done the analysis. 

       We can produce effective YP campaigns from any size budget: large, medium, or small. 

  • You're an authority on marketing for your industry, but yellow pages advertising is an unfamiliar medium and you're not sure how to apply your knowledge to YP planning.

       We don't presume to know your business better than you do, but we are skilled at marrying your knowledge with our expertise in print and internet yellow pages marketing; we'll use your knowledge of your business and make YP advertising work for you. 

  • You don't know what different directories are available for your location(s) unless the various local YP reps call you, and then they only want to sell you the biggest, most expensive ad in the book.

       We can provide coverage information for all directory publishers in your market(s) so you can create an overall YP placement strategy, or your expert Account Strategist can recommend the most effective plan. 

       We'll present you with publisher promotions or incentives if they can improve the response to your YP advertising. 

       We only want you to run the size and type of ad that works best within your overall YP advertising campaign, and we're not interested in winning creative awards - only in getting the best response for you. 

  • You're perfectly confident in your ability to master the intricacies of print directory advertising but don't have time to delve into the new and fast-changing world of internet yellow pages.

       We have experts on staff who will simplify your internet marketing options:  we can give you a complete education on internet yellow pages and search engine marketing, or we'll create for you the best strategy based on our knowledge and experience. 

  • You know how to effectively target your direct mail, newspaper, or broadcast advertising, but don't know where to begin when it comes to choosing the best YP directory headings for your company.

       We can access all of the research on the effectiveness of available headings for your industry and help you choose the most effective placement to maximize your ad dollars. 

  • You don't want to take all of those sales calls from local YP reps any more!

       We'll assign a dedicated Account Strategist who will be your one contact for all of your YP needs; no more dodging those phone calls! 

       Your Account Strategist will be able to do the research, get you the data, make the recommendations, and answer all of the questions associated with your account.  Our policy is to return phone calls within two hours, so you never have to wait for important information or answers. 

There are countless ways MRNYP can provide value to your company; for us the priority is to reduce the effort you have to spend on planning, placing, and managing your successful yellow pages campaign.  After all, your time is extremely valuable.  We believe that getting to know you is important so we can make your yellow pages EASY!                           


Millard Rosenberg, Founder, Millard Rosenberg Nat'l Yellow Pages, Inc.Our Experience 

We're proud of our history.  MRNYP, Inc. was founded over 60 years ago by Millard Rosenberg when he saw his clients' need for an advertising professional working exclusively to provide expertise in yellow pages strategy.  Today his daughter, Jane Rosenberg, carries on the tradition of partnering with MRNYP clients to maximize their yellow pages response.  Since we're not a full-service advertising agency, we need to be very good at yellow pages advertising to succeed in our business.  MRNYP is a family business, and each client's success is important to us.  


Jane Rosenberg, President, Millard Rosenberg Nat'l Yellow Pages, Inc.With all of our experience as a Certified Marketing Representative (CMR)*, we'll make sure……… 

  • you're spending the right amount of money,
  • in the right books,
  • under the right headings,
  • with the right ad size,
  • with the most effective ad content,
  • that your ads are correct, every time

………and we'll make it EASY!  


Please contact us today so we can start getting to know your company and your yellow pages advertising needs.  


To learn more about the importance of yellow pages advertising, about how CMRs work, and to see if you qualify as a CMR customer, click on the "YP & CMRs" button 


To contact us today, please call (714) 744-4878.  Thank you! 




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